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Ultrasound Facial
Dermasound Elite is an FDA approved device that offers a safe, state-of-the-art ultrasonic treatment.

Step #1 Cleansing - Sound waves spin Purified H2O very quickly, and the water loosens and removes dead cells, dirt, and oils from the skin to give a gentle but deep cleansing without any irritation or inflammation.

Step #2 Infusion - Temporary openings in the skin are produced in a process called sonophoresis that "pushes" nourishing products into the skin that have larger molecules like amino acids, peptides, and certain vitamins that can be difficult to penetrate.

Step #3 Regeneration - This pain-free process called microcurrent rebalances and repairs the skin cell's that have been damaged due to age or environmental stressors like the sun. It stimulates the cell to help it act like a younger version of itself.

This is the ultimate no downtime, perfect pre-event treatment that will leave your skin bright, glowing, hydrated, and plumped-up.

You will see immediate results!

Dermasound 30 Minute Express Facial $ 75
Dermasound 45 Minute Facial & Resurfacer $115
Dermasound 60 Minute Signature Facial $150
(Renue Signature Facial and Dermasound Combo)

Add Anti-Age Neck or Chest Treatment   $20
Add Anti-Age Neck and Chest Treatment   $30


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